Michigan Rehabilitation Association

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About us

Michigan Rehabilitation Association is an interdisciplinary professional, consumer-oriented rehabilitation organization that functions in both the public and private sectors, and at the national, state, and local levels.


Promote and support professional growth and leadership to empower rehabilitation professionals to passionately serve people with disabilities through innovation, education, and advocacy.



  • To remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities from being fully included in all areas of society.

Education and Training

  • Provide excellent professional development activities within the field of rehabilitation.


  • Function as a networking hub for the community of rehabilitation professionals.

Become A Member

To become a member of the Michigan Rehabilitation Association you must first become a member of the National Rehabilitation Association. You will then be automatically enrolled in the respective state chapter.

There are a variety of different membership options (Student, New Professional, Retiree, etc) all with their specific annual fee.

There are also optional Divisional Memberships (National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation ConcernsNational Rehabilitation Association of Job Placement and Development, etc.) and their respective state chapter.

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Public Policy Alerts

Michigan Rehabilitation Association Advocacy Alert, June 2022

The Michigan Rehabilitation Association (MRA) advocates for individuals with disabilities, rehabilitation services providers, and rehabilitation counseling practitioner causes and issues in Michigan.

If you have a public policy issue that you would like to bring to MRA's attention, please contact us at: [email protected]  

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2023 Board Meetings  

May 11th 2023

July 13th 2023